Monday, June 9, 2014

Picture Post:: better late then never...

I'm back again... with another picture post, including several different shoots, hope you enjoy!  

Longwood Gardens

The other week, several of us took a trip to Longwood Gardens.  We had a awesome trip!  And for flower pictures, you can't beat it...  

The hardest part about taking pictures at a place like Longwood, is when it comes time to post them, its hard to decide which ones to post. :) 

Recent & Not-so Recent Photo Shoots

Paul Marini

A friend of mine, Paul Marini, asked me to do a photo shoot with him, which I was more then happy to do!  We had blast finding interesting places in and around the little town of Intercourse, PA.  We spent several hours shooting, and then enjoyed a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, and previewed the mornings work!  Lots of Fun!!!  Here are several of the favorites. 

Eph & Becky Zook and Family

Now this one goes back a ways!  The barn these pictures were taken in, is now torn down, and being replaced by a bigger, and better building.  As you can see in the picture, and the whole barn was leaning pretty badly.
"The Girls" 
"The Guys"
We had a great time trying all kinds of different poses, and locations around the barn.  Although we had to watch for the holes...especially when I was backing up, and not watching where I was going!  Thankfully, I stayed on the right level of the barn the entire time!

So there's a bit of what I've done in the last while... more is coming up! So stay tuned ~  Jordan