Friday, March 28, 2014

Thinking Summer: Memories from the Past

Lately I have been thinking a LOT about warm(er) weather...(I wonder why?).  And so when I saw these pictures, it totally got me excited about summer time again, and I thought I'd see how many other's I could get started thinking about Spring :}  (All Photo credits go to Daniel and Bethany Crawford...Thanks!!!)
     These pictures are from the church picnic that we had on Memorial Day, 2011 (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
      I have so many fun memories of this day.  It started out with a rousing game guessed it! Duck, Duck, Goose (one of our favorites :).  The circle started even smaller then this, but quickly expanded...

" Elvin!" 
"Joshua vs Marlene"
The parents were sitting behind the circle (in the shade), enjoying watching the game...or so they thought.  But in this game, it didn't matter if you were part of the circle or not...nobody was exempt from getting tagged! 
Jesse vs Josh
"me vs him"
"Daddy vs John Austin"
"Father vs Son"
"So close"
If I'm not mistaken, Daniel was trying to get pictures of people all the way off the ground...
He finally succeeded!
"Daddy vs Lamar"
"Not even Brian was exempt from playing..." 
"Jesse vs Manny" 
"watching the excitement..."
We had an absolutely beautiful (warm) day...and what a better way to cool off then a....
"the filling station"
"oops Jason, that didn't quite work right did it" 
At times, things just didn't work out the way you had intend them to... more then one got "their" water dumped on them... Maybe you should pick on somebody your own size next time... 

Wilma vs Jordan
Oops, now that REALLY didn't work out so well...I was innocently coming back for more water, when Wilma decided I wasn't wet enough yet... oh well, it is a free for all, so why not... 
Even the photographers weren't safe...ok, that was just a threat! 

"Note the extra bucket in mid air, I wonder where that came from..." 
"One popular spot!"
By the time it was over...the poor well was coming to the end of its supply!  But we all had a blast, and got enough water spread all over the yard to keep it watered for awhile :)
"Precious memories, how they linger..."

I'm thankful for the good, long, cold, winter we had, but at the same time...I'm glad
that its over, and spring is coming...
"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, 
and day and night shall not cease"  --Genesis 8:22

Thanks for coming by again, and hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did...
  This was one of those events that make summer so exciting...

Anybody up for a game duck, duck, goose, or better yet...a Water Battle?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

MiKayla Grace

And I'm back, with an exciting announcement to make!  
My little cousin, MiKayla Grace Slabaugh, was born on March 18th.  Isn't she cute?  
I had the privilege of taking pictures of her last Friday while we were in Virginia for a visit!  
And then tonight, I designed the card.  I needed a stress reliever, and this was just the ticket!   And here are several other pictures.  Hope you enjoy!  

Thanks for visiting again, love to hear from all of you! {hint hint}   Till next time  ~ Jordan

Friday, March 14, 2014

Back Again...and no, I didn't blow away!!!

I know most of you are wondering if I just vanished off the globe.  And the answer is no, I'm still here.  And hopefully I'll be blogging a little more faithfully in the future.

I'll start out with a few family pictures that I have been working on lately...

And then I also got to design the birth announcement for Jesse & Barbie's new baby,
 which was a LOT of fun!!!  
"Birth Announcement"
Here are some individuals from the shoot... 
This little girl was so brave, it was really cold, but she smiled sweetly when we told her to
...she was really glad when it was over though!!! 
Jethro... Love his smile!!!   
Gotta Love this little guy... 
"Sheldon Daniel"
His mama says he smiles a lot... I'm still not convinced, maybe it was the big black thing 
that I was holding over him...and just to clarify, it wasn't the "brand" of camera that was the problem!!!

Also, right now there are four new babies at church, so last Sunday we got a picture of them all together.  I just love it, they are so sweet!!! 

So, there is a bit of my photography from the last month... stayed tuned for Couples Night Pictures, and more... Also, I'm planning on going to Europe, I'll let you know about details soon!!!  Thanks for coming by, and I'd love to hear from you all...its as easy as 1..2..3...or just about!      
Till next time ~ Jordan