Wednesday, August 13, 2014

South Asia -

Just a quick note to let you all know that I'm leaving this afternoon.  I will be gone for ten days in a South Asian Country doing what I can do to assist the people there..
I would appreciate your prayers as me and the rest of the team travels over.  Our flight leaves at 10:30 this evening (Wed.)  For those of you that like tracking flights...and feel like staying up all night, here's our flight info!  
Qatar Airways:    There
    Dulles Intl. (DC) to Doha, Qatar, Flight #708....Aug 13, 10:30p - Aug 14, 6:00p 
    Doha, Qatar to Dhaka, Bangladesh, Flight #634...Aug 14, 9:05p - Aug 15, 5:35a
Qatar Airways:     Back
    Dhaka, Bangladesh to Doha, Qatar, Flight #633...Aug 23, 3:25a - 6:25a
    Doha, Qatar to Dulles Intl. (DC), Flight #707...Aug 23, 8:30a - 3:25p

Hope you can make sense of this...  Thanks for your prayers!  

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Cute version of Cats:

Way back in June, Bethany asked me to come and take pictures of their kittens...  they we're just at the perfect stage.  Extremely cute, and really playful!  I spent an hour laying in the grass, and ended up with better then 500 pictures...  So here's a some of them, I don't usually post this many pictures, but I couldn't decide which ones to take out, so hope you enjoy! 

This last one is probably one of my favorites!