Thursday, September 25, 2014

Portraits of Bangladesh

In the following pages are some of the pictures from my recent trip to Bangladesh.  One thing that I really enjoyed about this trip was taking pictures of the people.  Hope you enjoy!  

"Train ride"
"Running on top of the train" 

"deep in thought"
"riding the bus" 
"the joys of travel..."
"watching the foreigners"
"Going to school"
"Eating chocolate..."
"On the way to town"
"Tea stall operator"

"The group of guys I got to hang out with one afternoon"

"The little shepherd boy"
"may I have a lollipop please?"
"One of the little children from the slums"
"A beggar from street"
"A sucker cures all ills"
"Boating the Buriganga River"

"the children from the street" 
"Nap time by the Parliament Building"

Several other Photos

"The park surrounding the parliament buildings"
"The Gypsy village"
"The busy streets of Dhaka"